October 24, 2021


Informative World

Big Pharma Vs Alternative Medicine

People who have had positive results using alternative healing therapies are often surprised by the fierce resistance that they read in the media against alternative medicine. The root of this resistance is most often backed by big pharmaceutical companies. It is not uncommon to find fictitious articles written to disprove alternative healing approaches as unscientific. These campaigns are often targeted at homeopathy. What are their motives for attacking natural therapies?

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The reason is simple. People are discovering that the most effective treatment for the many ailments that they succumb to are actually are those that help the body trigger its own wonderful ability to heal itself. It is in the interest of pharmaceutical companies to position the drugs they produce as the only effective way to treat the “vulnerable” body. They need to perpetuate the myth that the body is defenceless against the myriad of microbes, viruses and bacteria that would otherwise overcome man if it was not for their drugs F95zone ,

Any mass conversion of people to more natural treatments would threaten their sales and put their share price at risk. Can you imagine the scenario where people start to take more responsibility for their health? Where they start eating the right foods, exercising more and trusting their own body’s wonderful healing powers. People would no longer feel need to consult a doctor for every small ailments. This would mean less unnecessary prescriptions written and hence less drug sales. A whole industry of doctors, chemists and drugs companies have a vested interest in perpetuating the myth of the weak and vulnerable body. It is therefore in their interest to invest in a huge PR campaign to discredit all forms of natural therapy.

Consumer rights groups supporting the natural therapies industries are however fighting back. Hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters of natural health contacted their senators and let their voices be heard. As a result Senate bill S.1082 will in no way restrict access to nutritional supplements. They are on record that they will contest every bill or amendment that favours corporate interests over consumer interests. The more lawmakers realise that members of the health freedom movement will not remain silent will make them think twice before introducing future bills that try to regulate dietary supplements