October 26, 2021


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Guide to Online Poker Tells

Being able to pick up and utilize poker tells is one of the most important skills to develop when playing poker no matter what the setting, though in an online sense, reading specific player poker tells can be a challenging aspect and one that requires careful thought and consideration. Since being able to pick up and read physical tells is out of the question looking for other tells that are still present can be a key skill to develop in the online world and can include:

The Stall แทงบอลออนไลน์

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Though this has become less of a focus these days due to the fact that many experienced players utilize this tactic to give false impressions to their opponents or may simply be playing multiple games at once and thus increasing their play time necessary each round to decide their course of action, careful consideration and observations of a delay in plays can be an important aspect to watch out for. In particular, look for a player who takes an exceedingly large amount of time before making a call, as this could indicate a particularly poor hand that they do not feel confident with. A long time before a raise could also indicate a stronger hand that they are deciding what to do with and how to proceed into their next play. Regular stalls with both outcomes could also indicate that the player is playing a large number of games at once and therefore may be distracted, and should be targeted for more aggressive plays that could put the player easily at a disadvantage.

The Chatbox – Going On Tilt

Watch out for when a player becomes unstable and begins verbally attacking their opponents or the casino in the chatbox – often referred to as going on “tilt”. This means that the player is no longer thinking clearly and can easily be antagonized into making stupid moves that they might not make otherwise if they were thinking logically about the cards they are dealt and how to proceed. When someone goes on tilt it usually means that they are a weaker target, while a sudden shift away from aggressive chat could indicate that they may suddenly have a good hand to watch out for, so be careful.

The Chatbox – Chat Revoked

Often times, chat privileges can be revoked from players for any number of reasons, ranging from exceedingly derogatory comments to other racial or ethnic remarks. Chances are that someone who has had their chat privilege temporarily revoked is someone who can easily go on tilt, and to test this, try congratulating other players who have excellent hands that win against this player to see how the player’s in-game plays may change. Often you can catch someone in a situation where they will easily become off balance and go on tilt for little to no reason.