January 20, 2022


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The Amazing Green Lipped Mussel Supplement From New Zealand

Young people tend to take their good health for granted. The elders in society display wisdom in realizing that youth does not last forever and that precautions must be taken in order to preserve and protect a healthy body that is beginning to succumb to the inevitable difficulties of advancing age.

When the need for a doctor’s visit arises, it is as often the result of a lack of attention or due diligence in protecting good health, as it is from direct causes such as disease or injury.

Health supplements are the answer.

Even in ancient times when traditional medicines were used to combat common everyday aches and pains, extracts taken from plants and animals were Roid 24 , in effect, the health supplements of those long-ago times.

Today health supplements have, for the most part, supplanted the use of traditional medicines around the world. Direct scientific investigation is a necessary part of the modern health supplement industry, as opposed to the trial-and-error methods of unsophisticated tribal peoples.

We utilize all natural health supplements today because we have categorized, from a scientific standpoint, all of their active ingredients and the role those ingredients play in preserving and protecting our good health.

Amazingly, the Maori, an interesting tribal people of New Zealand were observed by scientific investigators to enjoy relatively good health.

Along with the purpose of maintaining good health and nutrition practices, people employ the use of health supplements to alleviate the physical discomfort of aches and pains that are most often associated with the aging process.

Health supplements that contain Omega 3 fatty acids are frequently selected by consumers to deal with unpleasant physical pain. Serious health conditions always require the consultation of medical personnel, but for those who are interested in health supplements to alleviate minor physical discomforts, products that contain Omega 3 fatty acids are a wise choice.

Ancient peoples practiced what are today labeled as traditional medicine. In their daily life, tribal cultures consumed many healthy natural foods such fruits, nuts, wildlife, and for more advanced societies, cultivated grains. In addition, fish were also a vital component of such a healthy natural diet.

Although Omega 3 fatty acids may be sourced from plaints, these important natural fats are found in a more biologically useful form in fish.

Fish-sourced Omega 3 contains EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), as opposed to ALA {alpha linolenic acid) which is the plant form that must be converted over within the human body to the more useful form of fatty acids. The ancients did not employ scientific reasoning, as regards their prodigious consumption of fish, but they enjoyed better health by following, by necessity, a healthy all natural diet.

We realize today that Omega 3 fatty acids have powerful anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the pain, swelling and tenderness of chronic age-related diseases such as arthritis. Or auto-immune diseases such as Lupus.

Omega 3 fatty acids also contains MPS (mucopolysaccharides) which are complex long carbohydrate chains of sulfated amino sugars. These long carbohydrate chains are useful in promoting the healing of cartilage, which protects the surface of the bone in our joints. This prevents further potential damage in disease-compromised joints and maintains a useful level of join mobility than might be otherwise possible. This is not the extent of the health benefits of these vital fish-sourced fatty acids.

Omega 3 increases the amount of serotonin in the brain which elevates the mood thus lessening the effects of chronic depression.

The function of important neurotransmitters is also enhanced leading to an in increased level of mental alertness and diminished feelings of chronic tiredness.

Health supplements have all but supplanted the old traditional medicines in countless societies around the world. Supplements do serve the same function as the old practices in protecting and prolonging good physical health in the face of the relentless natural aging process.