January 20, 2022


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Passing PMP Exam – Top Five Tips for How to Pass the PMP Exam

Many Project Management professionals are seeking to attain a professional certification and passing the PMP certification is one of the most common certifications sought after in the industry ISACA CISM . There are some awesome tips and tools that can help you to achieve this goal. This article will present the top five tips on how to pass the pmp exam and to introduce you to the types of resources and study guides that are available to assist you.

People sitting the PMP exam certification often have years of practical project management knowledge and experience. Although this is useful in the real world, one cannot let this knowledge get in the way of the prime objective of the test, which is to test the knowledge and application of the material from the PMBOK guide. So when it comes to answering questions, rather than answering based on your own experience you must answer based on what the PMBOK guide would recommend.

The PMP exam is a time pressured situation with a lot of questions to get through in a short about of time. Nevertheless it is imperative that you remember to read the question – really read the question and understand what it is asking you as well as each of the options. Sometimes there will be more than one correct option, so you must choose the best option – according to the PMBOK material.

Studying the right things in the right way is much more important than simply spending hours and hours of study. Although simply memorizing the material can work for some, it is certainly not the most efficient or effective way to study for the pmp exam. Focusing your study on what is relevant and on questions that demonstrate the same format of questions you will be expecting is by far more efficient in passing the PMP exam.