January 20, 2022


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Is gambling makes productivity decrease?  – Gambling is very popular nowadays. Many people play gambling, both offline and online. Not infrequently they are willing to spend their time and money just to get the pleasure of playing gambling.

Gambling is like an addiction where people who are already involved in it will of course find it difficult to stop. Even the negative effects caused by gambling itself are very real, one of which is gambling makes productivity decrease at work.

Are you aware that gambling can make work productivity for workers decrease? this is because a player who is already very addicted will only use time to play gambling dominoqq terpercaya . They will always think about gambling and gambling. And this of course causes disruption of one’s productivity.

A gambler will have high laziness. They assume that they can earn money just by gambling, when in fact what happens is that they spend.

Gambling reduces productivity for workers. A worker who likes to gamble will only imagine to fulfill his desire to play gambling rather than increase their productivity capabilities. In fact, developing skills is something that must be owned by workers in order to prevent competition in the world of work at a time like this.

Because of the many negative effects caused by gambling, finally the government and religion forbid citizens or their people to play gambling or just to approach. Because as is known, someone who has approached gambling over time will certainly be tempted and join in playing gambling.


If for those who are just approaching gambling it is very dangerous, of course it is even more dangerous for those who have already played gambling where they will be willing to spend all their money and time just to gamble. As we know Gambling itself has various names and types ranging from online slots, dominoqq online, poker, baccarat and many others.

Many of the workers do not realize that gambling makes productivity decrease, even most of the workers who are involved in gambling think that the gambling they do is just to relax.

Even though there are still many more positive activities that workers can do than playing gambling where gambling makes productivity decrease. To release fatigue or spend free time, workers can spend this time with their family, or they can unwind by taking a vacation to their family which can certainly make the tired mood after work even better.

Stop gambling if you realize that gambling makes productivity decrease so that you can stay competitive longer in the world of work. Because at this time, the competition between workers in the world of work is very tight.

Workers are required to always be able to increase their skills or abilities to help the company to meet client requests, or to advance the company.

Use this free time for other positive activities to improve your skills. You can read books, see video tutorials and anything new to you. This certainly can improve your ability as a worker so that you can still compete in the world of work where as we know now it is very difficult to be able to compete in the world of work.