January 20, 2022


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16 Tips For Finding a Job in 2009

Lots of people lost their jobs in 2008, but now we’re into 2009 and many of those same people will be looking for work this month. As an executive search consultant going into my cheap bongs 15th year of recruiting Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Construction, and Real Estate professionals, I’ve learned a few things that might help people seeking employment and recommend the following:Hooking Up For Better Or For Worse

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Having a resume on your blog makes it easy for employers to access. Blogging communicates a willingness to keep up with technology. That’s important for employers. It also helps position you as an expert in the industry where you work and makes you much more attractive to employers. Making comments to blogs covering your specialty communicates interest in your career. It also positions your name on the search engines and this is extremely important. Employers and recruiters interested in interviewing prospective candidates will often turn to Google to learn more about prospective candidates.

Having your name come up frequently as an expert in your field improves your marketability to prospective employers. Our database has over 100,000 design, construction, and real estate professionals and we access them via key word searches. Many employers do the same thing. Social media profiles can also be accessed via key words typed into search engines. Having the right words in your profiles and resume improve your chances that it’ll be seen by the right parties.It’s amazing how many resumes we get with spelling errors. It’s unacceptable and reduces your chances of getting interviews.

Ever get approached by someone at a networking event who consumes all of your time talking about themselves and the product or service they offer? People who do this make others run as fast as they can. These types of events are not places where you should bring your resume. Instead, focus on the interests of the people you meet. Then send a follow-up note to begin the relationship building process. The one downside with the Internet is that communication is often permanent. Understand that having a picture of you throwing up after drinking from a beer bong posted on a public social networking site like Facebook can be accessed by millions including employers.

Networking, however, requires giving before receiving. Send people articles and information that is relevant to them and start to build relationships first and you’ll improve your chances of getting a good position. . Hard copy resumes are great to give to managers when you’re in the office for an interview. In fact, I would recommend bringing several along to interviews for this purpose, but make sure your resume is also easy to access electronically. Fax or mail a hard copy resume and see it hit the trash. The impression it creates is that the candidate is older than dirt and has “no clue” when it comes to technology. It’s also an inconvenient way for prospective employers and recruiters to receive resumes.